The advantages of PET food packaging boxes!

PET food packaging box is a common transparent packaging in life. Food-grade plastic packaging refers to non-toxic, odorless, hygienic and safe, and can be directly used in food packaging production.

PET packaging box advantages:

Non-toxic: FDA-certified as non-toxic, it can be used in the production of food packaging boxes, and the products can be trusted by consumers and used with confidence. The clear and bright crystalline characteristics make the PET finished product have a strong transparent effect, and the PET packaging box allows the product to be displayed more clearly and effectively, enhancing consumer interaction.

Excellent gas barrier: PET can block the penetration of other gases. Even if it is stored for a long time, it will not affect the original flavor of the product in the package. The excellent barrier effect is unmatched by plastic products.

Strong chemical resistance: The chemical resistance to all substances is remarkable, making PET packaging not only suitable for the packaging of food commodities, but also for the packaging of pharmaceuticals, as well as the needs of other different commodities.

Unbreakable properties, excellent ductility: PET is a material that does not break, further proving its safety. This material allows children to access the packaged goods without risk of injury, reduces wastage, is easy to store, has excellent ductility, makes the PET box unrestricted by shape, and also enhances strength without breaking.

Compare with paper box, PET box can also be printing as as paper box with cmyk printing. And it is water proof and won’t be color fode that make this batter compare with paper box. And PET box can be customized any size , shape and color printing(as long as you could provide the Pantone color number) with better price.The prinitng is with HD that makes box very nice.

Post time: Oct-26-2022