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  • We are manufacturer of funko pop soft protector, funko pop protectors bulk and custom business. We can support custom any size,thickness,design for your protector. 
  • We can not only provide normal crease, D lock,Soft crease,Auto lock,but also provide special processes for UV and scratch resistance. 
  • 11 years cooperation material factory insure our packaging products with Super quality, Short lead time and Competitive price.If you find any item interested, shoot us email, we will reply you within an hour.

Hot Sell Funko Pop Protector For You Choose


Easy to assemble pop protectors

 *EASY ASSEMBLY: Our display boxes have an auto-locking bottom that allows you to store your boxes securely. Simply unfold the hard case until it’s square. Then, place your box inside and seal the bottom by pushing the tabs into the designated slots.

Hot Sell Funko Pop Protector For You Choose

Embossing your logo on the pop vinyl protective cases

we our customers with high-quality, customized pop protectors that are tailored to their unique requirements.

You can put any emboss logo or network  informations on the protector,our  R&D departments will draw draft before process to you confirm logo types and position,so make sure 100% accurate

Hot Sell Funko Pop Protector For You Choose2

Top selling size for funko pop case

More size for you choose or accept custom:

1: Acid-Free Material - High transparency.
2: Cover with protective film - Avoid scratching.
3: OEM accepted - Opened to your design.
4: Eco Friendly - PET, PVC, PP material for your choice.

When choose funko pop protectors in bulk from us?You will expect:


 High Impact Strength & Structural Rigidity for Better Protection. But G-Rainbow Packing sells PROTECTORS ONLY no Figurines Included.

 Clear Acid-Free Case W/ Removable Protective Film. 100% Recyclable in short, we use the highest tier Raw PET plastic that contains no acid and it is 100% recyclable environmentally friendly

Perfect Fit: custom pop protectors are designed to fit perfectly with 0 extra room for the box to move inside.

 Competitive price: Direct factory with 11+ years manufacturing and export experience in packaging and printing industry.

New design funko pop protector

Why do need funko pop case protectors?

Protection: Pop protectors help to keep the figure in pristine condition, which is especially important for collectors who plan on selling or trading their figures in the future. They also help to protect the figure from dust and other environmental factors that can cause damage over time.
THICK, STURDY MATERIAL:Pop protectors are available in various sizes to fit different Pop figures, and they're typically made from durable, high-quality plastic

Display your toy:Pop protectors are clear plastic cases designed to fit around Funko Pop! Vinyl figures

Custom colors:Can be customized with various designs, such as blood splatter, glow in the dark, or even personalized designs. This allows customers to add their own personal touch to their Funko Pop collection, making it more unique and special.

 you can design it by itself and we can design it carefully for you! our company accept a variety of professional custom packaging box.welcome to order!

Our production process

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We produce more than 300K every day, productivity is always the first driver.

Glow in the dark funko pop protector

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GLOWS IN THE DARK to Make your Pop stand out from the rest! Great for special Glow in the Dark Pops and all Pops. 

PREMIUM GRADE to  Protect your Funko Pop figurines with Beyond Protectors, made from raw PET plastic that is recyclable, acid free and a moisture barrier.

EXTRA THICK 0.5MM is Sturdy enough to protect the corners and the sides of your Pop boxes and also to withstand drops, tumbles and falls. Prevent your Pops from normal wear and tear to maintain the value of your POPs and keep them in clean and pristine condition."

OUTER PROTECTIVE FILM to Achieve extreme clarity by pulling away the outer protective film after you place in your Pop! It's there to prevent fingerprints and scratches pre-assembly.

AUTO-LOCK BOTTOM to Helps to quickly form the base of the box by a pull and lock procedure.

Multiple designs to choose from: providing the most pretty protective box for your toys


No matter what sizes & styles of Funko Pop Protectors you want, based on our extensive experience, we can manufacture it. In particular, our equipment supports soft crease and  automatic bottom glueing, which makes the final product can be distinguished from the vast majority of pop protectors on the market.

Our products are made from brand new crystal PET plastic material. We have strict screening processes when selecting PET plastic material to ensure that the products delivered to you are nice and perfect!

Eco-friendly, 100% PET material

We always produce brand new products

Freely provide small lock tab if needed

Wholesale custom various thickness pop protectors on demanded

Our Funko Pop Protectors are 100% high quality 

Emboss your brand logo or website


Dou want to bulid your brand?

only you provide logo or idea informations to us ,then our designer can help custom and design size and shape .for our high quality emboss logo can promote your brand and reflect the core of your brand, increase your brand effect, enhance grade, and have aesthetic and advertising appeal.

Professional custom specfications set by you,welcome to send inquirs to understand the detail

Protective Case for Funko POP

• High quality protective case, made of extra clear PET and specially designed for Funko POP! figures and others. Acid-free, no PVC: This product is completely free of PVC and acid free materials and keeps the packaging of your figures perfectly safe. Extra clear box without coloring: The high clearness of the material ensures a genuine image quality with unaltered contrast and colors.
• Features 1: Acid-Free 0.5mmPET Material - Always clear.
• 2: Automatic Lock bottom design - Keep flat.
• 3: The Locking tab on top - keep the POP protected and secure.
• 4: Cover with protective film - Avoid scratching.
• 5.Embossing Custom Logo - Embossing Fee is reasonable than Printing fee .
• 6.Dimensions: 4 inch, 6 inch, 10 inch ,2 packs ,these can be send samples to you freely

Funko Pop Protector Boxes Advantages

• * Locking Insert on the Top of the Protector to Ensure Your POP! STAYS in its Protector in the Event of a Fall.
• * High Impact Strength & Structural Rigidity for Better Protection. But Packing sells PROTECTORS ONLY no Figurines Included.
• * Clear Acid-Free Case W/ Removable Protective Film.
• * 100% Recyclable: in short, we use the highest tier Raw PET plastic that contains no acid and it is 100% recyclable
•   environmentally friendly
• * Perfect Fit: custom pop protectors are designed to fit perfectly with 0 extra room for the box to move inside.
• * Auto Locking: Not only with an interlocking design that makes the protector flat at the bottom. But also easy to assemble. new uses.
• *For example, we have 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm 0.60mm 0.7mm thickness PET for your choice * NO DETERIORATION WITH TIME Our protectors is made of the highest tier NEW PET PLASTIC, NOT PVC involved. Over 57% of PVC contains chlorine, and it will break down over time, leaching chemicals onto whatever it is in contact with.

Funko pop box dimensions


Our service:

1 Various shapes, colours, materials and sizes are available according to your design

2.Logo and other details can be printing through offset printing/silk screen printing/hot stamping/hot silver/uv printing/emboss

3.We have professional designer and advanced production equipments,so the price and quality of our products are pretty competitive.

4.Excellent presale and aftersale service, from design to production and delivery,we offer the best service for customers.

5.We have 11+ years blister box packaging leadership experience.Welcome to get a good price and get more detail.

6.Samples of our design are sent to you for free,but the freight cost will be paid by your company.

Our funko pop protector is worth purchasing

Size &Flat Packaging

Nice match size ; Flat back with auto closing bottom structure and top tap lock which assures the easy folding and the tight protection;

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Auto lock bottom

photobank (3)

For auto lock ways will save you time and labor cost,auto lock with soft crease make whole box more straight and easy to assemble,then with very strogh and high quality glue no easy to broken

Custom box for toy packaging

We support custom any size and shape for toy packaging,for anti scratch clear PET material can very good to display your products,for hanger part design can hang on the wall to help you show products more better.


Custom box for toy packaging