Advantages of transparent plastic packaging box

Plastic packaging box is an indispensable part of our life. When we are shopping, you will find that many manufacturers choose to use plastic boxes to package food or other products. Do you know the advantages of plastic boxes?

Transparent plastic packaging box , cylinder, blister box and other related plastic products made of pvc/pet/pp/ps, which can achieve printing effects such as UV offset printing, silk screen printing, gold stamping/silver plating, sanding, etc.

1: Intuitivity: Most products are made of new transparent materials, which provides them with a good opportunity to intuitively display their products and improve their appearance.

2: Advantages: Folding packaging box products are superior to other packaging products in terms of manufacturing cost and production speed, with high cost performance.

3: Convenience: Folding box packaging, simple assembly, provides great convenience for the packaging of your finished products, whether in small batches or out of the cabinet. Have made great contributions to work efficiency;

4: It can directly carry out surface treatment such as silk screen offset printing, gold stamping and silver stamping on folding box products, maximize the charm of the products, more intuitively and effectively shape the product image, improve the added value of the products, and become an international fashion packaging method leading the packaging trend.

Recently, the hot sell plastic box packaging is as follow,including food box, cosmetics and blister box packaging:

1. Custom blister tray and clamshell box


What are the benefits of using blister packaging products?

1. Good performance, barrier performance, sealing performance, chemical performance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, non-toxic, environmental protection and safety;
2. Good display effect. It can be placed or hung on the shelf of the supermarket, so that your products can be perfectly displayed in front of customers, thus promoting product sales.
3. The blister packaging products are light in weight, easy to store, transport, sell, carry and use;
4. Blister packaging products have good environmental adaptability, can be economically and conveniently recycled, and do not produce harmful substances when burning waste.

5. It can protect the goods well, realize the functions of separation, shockproof, moisture-proof and anti-skid, and provide safer transportation, storage and protection for the goods.
6.The effect is very good. It can improve the price and image of the goods themselves. It also has the function of shaping and spreading. It has an important impact on the brand image and popularity of enterprises.

2. Custom PET /PVC /PP Plastic Cosmetic Packaging Box


Functions of transparent plastic box

1. Transparent plastic box packaging effect is good, there are many kinds of plastic, easy to color, bright color. Different kinds of packaging containers can be made according to the needs to achieve the best packaging effect.

2. It is easy to form. As long as the mold is replaced, different kinds of containers can be obtained, and it is easy to form batch production.

3. It has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, impact resistance and good mechanical strength.

4. Transparent plastic box packaging can be used transparently. You can see the product style in the package without opening the package.

5. Transparent plastic box packaging can be designed with various colors, patterns and shapes to improve product quality and competitiveness.

7.Transparent plastic boxes can be made of environment-friendly materials and are suitable for various environment-friendly food packaging



PP packing box can be divided into fast food box, household storage box, microwave tableware, etc.

Features: high chemical stability, good hygiene performance, high heat resistance, in line with food standards, can directly contact with food. Selection of microwave tableware: plastic product standard PP and 5 environmental protection recycling marks.

Polyethylene packaging boxes often have the characteristics of pen boxes: polyethylene is soft, waxy to the touch, lighter than the same plastic, translucent when burning, and blue flame

The pet packaging box has good mechanical properties, the impact strength is 3-5 times of the above plastics, and the bending resistance is good.

Oil resistance, fat resistance, oil acid resistance, alkali resistance, resistance to most solvents, low permeability and low vapor permeability, and excellent gas resistance, water resistance, oil resistance and odor resistance. It has high transparency, can block ultraviolet rays, and has good luster. It is non-toxic, tasteless, hygienic and safe, and can be directly used for food packaging. Common: Bakery packaging box, biscuit box, cake box.
The difference between PET and ordinary plastic box lies in its more comprehensive plastic properties

The design of many products is a very important link, which determines whether the appearance attracts customers and whether the design of plastic boxes is reasonable. The following are some factors considered in the design.With the progress of science and technology and the emergence of new technologies, plastic boxes will also be diversified, so their design will also change. I believe that more colorful products will come out.

Post time: Oct-26-2022