How to Custom the Right Packaging for Your Products?

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to product packaging. As we know,the average consumer is willing to give brands only 13 seconds of their time before making an in-store purchase decision and only 19 seconds before making a purchase online.
The unique custom product packaging can help trigger a purchase decision through a collection of visual cues that makes a product appear more desirable than the competition. This post shows the custom product packaging basics you need to know to make your products more attractive to consumers and provide an excellent customer experience.
What is Custom Product Packaging?
Custom product packaging is packaging that’s designed specifically for your product rather than that which is mass manufactured for use as-is. The materials, text, artwork, and colors used are all dependent upon your design preferences. You’ll base your choice of product packaging on a variety of factors, including who the product is intended for, how it will be used by the customer, how it will be transported, and how it will be displayed before sale.
The Importance of Product Packaging 
Custom product packaging has many jobs to do. Packaging has to be protective enough so the contents aren’t damaged during shipping or transport. Well-designed product packaging doubles as an eye-catching billboard, grabbing shoppers’ attention as they browse the digital or physical shelves.
Marketing Message
Your product’s packaging is one of your very best opportunities to connect with new customers and delight existing ones. Designing with your target audience in mind ensures your packaging and design choices encourage your current customers to stay committed for the long term.
Unique branding opportunities exist with each layer of packaging, starting with the product box. Don’t pass up using this valuable real estate to its highest potential. The product box is a canvas to use for custom graphics and messaging that support the culture you’re building with your brand. Don’t overlook other opportunities to build connections, such as adding an invitation to connect on social media, sharing stories about customer experiences using your product, or including a small piece of swag or a complimentary product sample.
Types of Product Packaging
Packaging for products can be created using a range of materials. Finding the right one for your product box or flexible poly packaging depends on what you’re selling and how you plan to put your packaging to work in your marketing efforts. Below is what we are mainly manufacturing.

PET/PVC/PP Plastic Packaging Pox

It is widely used in the packaging of cosmetics, toys, daily necessities and other products. Economical and recyclable plastic material, screen printing, color printing, offset printing, bronzing and other processes to print a variety of colorsto make the packaging box more beautiful. Bulid up unique brand.


PET Blister Packaing

Customized products with unique packaging features, through the size and shape of the product characteristics, to create a unique packaging.


Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard boxes are made using coated chipboard. They’re incredibly versatile and are easy to print high quality graphics and text onto. These product boxes are most often seen in cosmetics, food, dietary supplements, and a host of other retail products.


Take Advantage of the Power of Custom Product Packaging 
The way a product is packaged can make or break your customer experience. Custom packaging protects a product from damage during shipping and also helps your product to stand out as it vies for attention in a sea of competition. Product packaging has the power to draw consumers’ interest, earn your product a spot in their shopping cart, and build brand loyalty over time.
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Post time: Oct-26-2022